Thursday, December 11, 2008

Field Trip Day

Today, we went and spent the morning with Luca's preschool class. We peeled potatoes, grated them, and then Ms. Deborah fried up the latkes. Niles enjoys being the big kid in his old preschool class room. Then at pick up time, there was a magician there, so we got to see him perform as well! In between, we braved the rain and went to the Homeschool Gathering store. I had Niles take the Singapore Math assessment test the other day, to get an idea of what he knew/didn't know in terms of division, which is next. He's been working hard at the multiplication on math score and has really improved his skills. We've worked on some strategies and he's gotten to where more of the problems are now memorized.

Anyhow, I like math score for the drilling, but in terms of explaining, I like to have paper to hold in my hand and show him. So, having known a family that worked with the Singapore program before, I decided that I want to try it. I'd been using a Spectrum math book, but felt like it jumped through things too quickly. Luckily, the store we were at carries Singapore, so I was able to get the books I wanted w/o having to order them. I also picked up the first K book for Luca, since I'll be starting w/him in January.

I found a coloring book on the Lewis and Clark Expedition too. So picked that up as well, it was in the used section. In history, I like the set up of the book I'm using with the vocabulary, short lessons w/q&a afterwards, but there's a lot left out too. So I figure I'll supplement with other things I find. The L&C book will be later, but it was such a good deal, I couldnt' pass it up! I found information on the 13 colonies at CurrClick that I'm thinking of getting. It also has a copy book to practice handwriting, which my little leftie seriously needs. LOL!

Niles has been playing the games on spelling city and I think it's about time to move on to lesson 3 next week. The final things I picked up were a grammar book and a book on health to work through. I figure we can do that on the days he has TKD too - working in some health lesson to go w/the exercise.

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