Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Snippet

I don't usually post here all that much, so three times in two days seems excessive to me but, I had to write about Luca today.  I wasn't planning on doing much, if anything today after our field trip, since 2 hours at an Art museum is a lot. Add in a trip to a consignment store to try & find clothes for Nate [btw, I will not spend $50 on a USED pair of jeans for myself, let alone my teenager!], and a Super Target run and you have one tired Momma.

Luca decided that he wasn't done for the day though. He did some math - number writing practice, handwriting practice and then read me the first BOB book.  The BOB books work really well w/the ABeCeDarian reading program we're using. He was so proud of himself! I love getting to see the moment when things connect for them.

the boys' fully operational work stations...
Niles desk just arrived too! Yeah!

Field Trip to Nasher Art Museum

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of the 2010-2011 School Year

This is the boys clocking in image. I couldn't resist!
Today was a great start to our home school year.  I set up 9 work boxes for each of the boys and 1 work box for Elie.  The boys "clocked in" and we got to work!  I explained how the system worked, or at least re-explained it, as I had talked with them about it before but didn't have it all set up yet.  I didn't jam pack them since we eased back in, but all 9 boxes did have something in them. I think this will be a really great tool for them and for me!  Only drawback so far is that Niles desk hasn't arrived yet, so he did work on the kitchen table today.  He's looking forward to having his own workspace though & I like that enthusiasm.

One tidbit though: Need to get girly more boxes and make sure that has enough different stuff going on too. She was mad she had only one & doesn't have her own shelf for them! 

Today's lessons also included how to shuck peas for dinner, why pink-eyed peas are called "pink-eyed" and a tip on making baked sweet potatoes.  Niles loves working in the kitchen with me.  It's nice.   Now if only I can get him to wash dishes.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iowa Test Results

....are in! And he did fabulous!  His overall score ranked him as grade/month 5.7! I'm glad that he did so well and I'm very proud of him. Way to go buddy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back in the swing next week

Our school year officially starts next week.  I'm waiting til Nate goes back in order to get them in line.  This year, trying something different:

 I'm looking forward to having more structure this year. I am NOT an unschooler. No offense to those of you who are, but that makes me crazy!  I need more organization and structure in order to get these boys to focus and myself as well.  I hope to write more about how these things are working for us as we get up and running.

Our first field trip is already scheduled for the Nasher Art Museum on Friday, August 27th too!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iowa Testing

Niles is doing his mandatory Iowa testing for the school year. I was pleased that Heather told me his confidence is much higher, he's finishing everything w/time to spare & he's talkative w/her! Woo hoooooo!! Go Niles!

Luca doesn't have to take that this year, thank goodness. I have no idea how it will go for him next year. I don't see why he needs to take it at 7 when kids in public school don't have to take it til 3rd grade. Oh well, I don't make the home school rules, I just follow them.