Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maping Activities

I used the cabelas map in order to do some map reading questions w/Niles yesterday. One of the questions was how far is it from Ophir to Eagle Island. Now to me, this meant using the miles given between the cities from Ophir to Eagle Island on the southern route. To Niles, this meant, getting out his big laminated map and measuring w/a ruler then figuring out the scale to get the miles from one city to another. They are almost directly across from each other, so I guess he decided to do it that way. After much discussion, we decided that the question could have been better written and that either way was technically correct. :-) And that you'd come up w/very different answers because one way involved going to several cities first and the other way was much more direct. Ah, the joys of smart children.

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