Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today we started working w/seeds & planted some sunflower seeds. Both Luca and Niles got their own little cups to grow them in. They were amazed at how quickly and how much the mulch pellet grew when we added water tothem. :-) We also put 2 lima bean seeds in a ziploc bag w/a wet papertowel to get them to start sprouting. Lima beans are large & easy to work with and so we are using those to see how seeds turn into plants. We are soaking 2 seeds overnight, so Niles can take them apart tomorrow and see what they look like inside. Luca and Niles both colored the different stages of seed - plant and Eliana had to get in on the coloring part as well. It was a good day to do this, as we've had snow and I kept Luca home today so I wouldn't have to go out in the ice and cold. And since it was so cold, a good spring planning activity seemed like the best way to go! As the seeds sprout, we will take pictures and show their progress.

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