Saturday, July 25, 2009

Niles spent the past week at the Apple Store in the mall, doing mini-camps on a Mac computer. He made 2 songs, a slide show of pictures, a video presentation and a mini-movie. Aside from the obvious effect of brainwashing him against PC's for ever [haha!], he had a fabulous time! He loved being able to create crazy things on the computer and then bring them home to show us. The people who ran the camp did a great job with the kids and I would recommend them if you get a chance.

It was a bit frustrating for me, simply because I couldn't leave the mall all morning & had Elie & Luca with me. At least the play area kept them mostly occupied, as did a breakfast at Panera, free pastry day at Starbucks & dunkin' donuts during the week. ;)

Niles finished his Iowa testing and now we are waiting for the results. 2 weeks of Tae Kwon Do camp are coming up & then we are officially beginning the next school year!

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