Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things have been a bit crazy here, between Nate's bar mitzvah, Elie being sick for a week and me being exhausted. So school has been going on, but not necessarily on a daily basis. Some passing thoughts from the kids to share though:

Niles: "the Pilgrims were crazy! how can fun be bad?!' [ed note: perhaps this is why you don't find many around anymore....]

Luca: everytime we go over letter sounds the following things help him remember - qu is for queen elie! G is green giant and s is for snake.

Niles is loving chess club at the co-op we joined. Luca is having a good time at lego robotics. In spite of the fact that each time, he tells me he hates legos and never plays with them at home. I say really? What's that in your hand & get that sheepish grin. ;)

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