Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learning about rocks

At our Kinder co-op yesterday, Colleen found some great science experiments about rocks. The boys got to melt gummy bears in hot water [in a ziploc bag] to demonstrate lava. Then we put them in ice water to show how the lava cools & hardens. They also used 2 different types of bread, ripped them into little pieces & then "crushed" them between sheets of wax paper. And finally, they ripped up marshmallows, added caramel & chocolate chips, and smashed those together. After that, we dipped that in boiling water too, to show how rocks form & still keep bits of their different parts. These were also cooled in the hot water. I told Niles we were doing some rock experiments so he came too. He was SOOO glad he did. Colleen is awesome! Here are few shots of the marshmallow experiment. I didn't think to take pix of the others. Oops!

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