Saturday, March 27, 2010

March - the month of plague

March has been somewhat of a bust for us with school work. I spent 3 weeks battling a sinus infection off & on. Then Niles & I both had the 24 hour tummy bug. We did some work, but certainly not enough so things slowed down a bit. Thank goodness for co-op & religious school, it kept us in somewhat of a routine at least.

Niles did get a chance to go to the Bentonville Civil War battle re-enactment with our friends. [I had to work that day.] And he really enjoyed that. They got to see the cannon line, the soldiers, etc. Niles enjoys just about any activity involving soldiers. I really need to investigate that civil war camp again for him. Ben is not old enough to go though, so it might have to wait til next year. I'm not sure he'd want to go by himself. Plus I signed him up for 2 weeks at the local JCC camp and about had to take out a mortgage so that all 3 boys could go. Craziness. Anyhow, that's why things have been quieter here.

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