Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Snippet

I don't usually post here all that much, so three times in two days seems excessive to me but, I had to write about Luca today.  I wasn't planning on doing much, if anything today after our field trip, since 2 hours at an Art museum is a lot. Add in a trip to a consignment store to try & find clothes for Nate [btw, I will not spend $50 on a USED pair of jeans for myself, let alone my teenager!], and a Super Target run and you have one tired Momma.

Luca decided that he wasn't done for the day though. He did some math - number writing practice, handwriting practice and then read me the first BOB book.  The BOB books work really well w/the ABeCeDarian reading program we're using. He was so proud of himself! I love getting to see the moment when things connect for them.

the boys' fully operational work stations...
Niles desk just arrived too! Yeah!

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