Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So far so good

Our school year is really taking off and I'm very proud of the hard work the kids are doing.  Niles has really taken to the work box system and will start without prompting on most days.  He is now reading The Hound of the Baskervilles for his reading time.  I picked that because he likes mysteries and he likes ghost stories.  A good classic to work his way through this month. Niles seems to be excited about chemistry, even though they haven't "blown anything up" yet.  I've also signed him up for part two of the class so he'll be all set for science until January.  It's a great program and I look forward to more things in the future.

Luca is reading!  It is so awesome! He was finally ready and is just taking off like a rocket.  I am so excited for him.  When I put down the BOB book for him to read, he said, "this one is hard, I hate it." And promptly read it to me!  I said, "I don't think hard means what you think it means." And he laughed!  This is the child that fought me tooth and nail last year whenever I'd want to do it.  I credit two things: him being ready and the new program.  Knowing that he was ready is half the battle, giving him the time to get ready was a struggle for me. Especially with all the "is he reading yet" questions I get from family.  But it was worth it, because now that he is ready, he has no associations of frustration with it.

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