Sunday, November 30, 2008

Progress on the piggy banks

We added another layer to the paper mache piggy banks yesterday. This time, the mache part turned out better and was less clumpy. They are coming along nicely and I think we'll do one more layer before painting. Niles is also working on cursive. I found a book that is specifically designed for left handed writers so that's been good. I really like the mathscore website we're using. I get a summary each day and it's adaptive so it moves him quickly through what he knows, but slower, with review of wrong answers on what he does not.

During the past two weeks, I've been talking w/people about why I've chosen to homeschool. I have been surprised by the positive responses so far. I have gotten a few, "I think you are nuts" but those have been the minority. I think people have become frustrated with the conveyer belt approach to education. At least I know that is part of our issue. They are working on math concepts that I didn't learn until much later [algebra, geometry] when the kids haven't all got down the basics yet. But they must MOVE ON because they have to reach the EOG objectives in order for the kids to pass and not lose their rating on No Child Left Behind. While the intentions behind this are good, how does this help? The kids at the top of the class get bored, the kids in the middle get lost in the shuffle if they are quiet like Niles and the ones at the bottom of the class are maybe able to get help.

Let's can the PC stuff and admit that not everyone is equal in all things. I'd rather clean toilets than do math work, let's be honest here. It is not my strength. Nate, who enjoys math, would rather clean toilets than do English! It doesn't mean that either of us will love it anymore or get any further in life because of it. It just means that we like and enjoy different things. The horror! People are different and I just said it was ok?! What's wrong with me?

And don't even get me started on why English now must be called "Language Arts". I could fill a whole post on that one....


Angie said...

Why is English called Language Arts?

Hey, I had no idea you were homeschooling!
I may be asking you for tips next year - we're thinking of doing it for Charlotte.

Rachel said...

well, in my totally un- PC opinion, English is now offensive because by it's nature, the word English gives preferential treatment to one language over another....

And why use one word, when two makes it sound more important. Language Arts seems more impressive than plain old English.

And what happened to history too? None of my kids have a class called that.

Ask away - I had to look for the secular, non-Christian stuff too. :-)