Friday, November 21, 2008

This Week

I've been reviewing basic addition and subtraction problems w/Niles to get an idea of what he knows and how confident he is in his skills. Plus, we've been doing the same thing w/multiplication problems 1-12. I'm going to wind up the lesson on add/sub with the test in the book I'm using, as I know that he's got that down pretty well. We also did a field trip w/Luca's dinosaur class to the grocery store to purchase items for the Thanksgiving soup and Backpack buddies. Niles' job was to estimate the cost for Luca and Joseph who rode with us. They each had a baggie w/$6 in it to spend.

In English, he's reading Charlotte's Web and working out of a workbook on identifying parts of sentences, incomplete sentences, etc. It's been going well so far. He has some trouble focusing during the day, but for the most part is doing well. We are going on our field trip tomorrow to the Museum of History for Native American Heritage Day and there's High White Belt Testing!

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