Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's happening here

Niles is reading this book for a class in co-op. I think it's a bit beyond him but the stretch is doing him good.

Luca finished a chapter on Earth in his science book & liked it. Although he was mildly annoyed it involved no experiments. We took a detour to learn a bit about flamingos & what makes them pink during this too. Niles had to come check it out as well, since he didn't know why they were pink either.

Handwriting for Luca is getting better, despite all his protests of I can't do it!! He definitely reminds me of his brothers. None of them particularly like doing school work & would rather complain about it for 10 minutes before beginning anything. Now I usually say something like, 'you can crab for 10 minutes, do the work & then be done or you can do the work in 10 minutes & be done.' Niles gets this better now than Luca & even Nate for some things. ;)

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