Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've been neglecting the blog lately because life's been too dang busy to keep up w/three blogs.  But some quick updates.

  • Niles is taking Anatomy in Chapel Hill. It is the same teacher as he had for chemistry.  This class has a lot more homework though!  I am amazed at the amount of work he has to do.Read a chapter in an online text book, answer a the review questions, do a word of the week. It's all good stuff though & he is learning a ton about how the body works. They will be doing two dissections as well.
  • Luca is in speech now and his progress is amazing. He is really making great strides with the "l's" and the "r's".  He can move his tongue to one side & is working on the other side now. And he can lift it up, something he couldn't do before.
  • I got a computerized reading program to try with him, since April/May is going to be nutso for me with work. I am hoping this will help him to get up to speed. He's made huge progress this year, but there's room to go. The great news is that he is finally at the point where HE wants to read.
  • Niles was at the store the other day to spend his b'day money.  He added it all up, figured out the tax and paid himself. He spent $39.12 of his $40. In his head, the total he came up with was $39.10 by using rounding.  I was impressed. Way to go big man! Way.To.Go.
  • Electric guitar lessons are rocking out.
That is all for now. I need to get some rest.

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