Monday, August 3, 2009

Official School Start Date?

So I've been asked recently when do my homeschool kids start school? We've not had a formal set up this summer, although we have done educational things. But I have set an official start date of August 10th, simply because for counting purposes, I am required to have 180 instructional days per each year for the boys. You have to start somewhere!

Lesson plans are being drawn up, curriculum prepared & chocolate hidden for Mom's sanity! LOL! Both boys got into the co-operative I wanted them in, so each Thursday afternoon, they will get 2 classes taught by someone other than me. I will take a turn doing a class at some point, so they may have me, depending on what the other options are. The nice thing is that they are also in separate age groups. So they will have some space to be themselves & not rely on each other. Niles got the opportunity to meet one of the other boys already, who was in the Apple Camp w/him. This begins in September. Luca is also in a Kinder Co-op, which is just Kindergarteners, which starts at the end of the month.

The problem isn't so much that home schooled children aren't socialized. I'm finding that the problem is to not overschedule! Park dates, book clubs, co-operatives, oh my!!

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