Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School has gotten off to a fairly slow start. The flexibility of home schooling some days. Plus the headache of one older brother who decides that instead of studying Hebrew, he wants to comment on everything his "stupid" younger brothers are learning. If I could erase that word from his lexicon, trust me, I would. We've had numerous discussions about age appropriate learning, what he did at that age, how rude and harmful that type of behavior is, but it doesn't sink in. I got so frustrated w/him at one point, I had to banish him to his room.

The great myth of home schooling I think is that the families all work in glorious harmony and it's a party all the time. Ummm, no. Yeah, some days I am so frustrated, I go hide in my room for a couple hours. And then there are days when it all goes great & runs smoothly. Sort of like life, in general.

You just have to hope that there are more good days than bad ones.

A good day story:

We did a buoyancy experiment. The boys picked 10 different items and classified them according to whether or not they thought they would sink or float. We tested their hypothesis by dropping said items in the tub, observing what happened & recording them in their notebooks.

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