Friday, September 4, 2009

Communities, Citizens & Ben Franklin

We've been talking about Communities, our country & citizenship this week. Some tidbits from Luca:

- Policemen are heroes. So are firemen & I guess those people who drive ambulances. I think it would be fun to do that. Then you can go through the red lights. Spider-Man is a hero in comic books. I could be a hero in real life if I had to.

- What country are your people from Mom? Mine are from Raleigh. Niles found this amusing.

- When drawing a map of the our yard, it is important to add the cats to the driveway. That's where they are always hanging out, anyhow.

- When told Neil & I had to be fingerprinted to get Elie, this became an obsession, so today, we went to Michaels & got a stamp pad & fingerprinted him. I'll try to scan it and add the picture. He liked that the tips of his fingers were black for awhile, even after washing them w/soap.

- Ben Franklin invented electricity, the lightening rod & wrote a lot. Niles was sure of this. When told about the story of the kite & lightening, he declared "that guy was nuts even if he did invent lots of stuff!"

These things have to be my favorite part of homeschooling. ;)

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