Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make A Cloud

from the book Clouds by Anne Rockwell

1 large, round rubber balloon
one clean, dry, medium glass jar
one rubber band
approximately 3 1/5 tbs of water [you may have to experiment w/the water level to get it right. the water should just cover the bottom of the jar.]
one match
one regular flash light

~Cut off the mouth end of the balloon and make sure that it fits over the lip of the jar.
~Make sure the rubber band will hold the balloon tightly to the jar. Then place the balloon and the rubber band aside.
~Pour the water into the jar.
~With an adult, light a match over the jar and then blow it out.
~Allow the jar and the balloon to sit for 2 minutes so that the smoke from the match will disappear.
~Turn off the light in the room.
~Turn on the flashlight and place it near the jar.
~Push down the balloon for a few seconds and then quickly pull it back up.

What did you see when the balloon was pulled back up? Why do you think the small cloud formed? Did you see droplets of water on the sides of the jar?

We found that this works better in the evening, when the room can get dark and you can see the cloud better.

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