Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Mystery Visitor

On the way to our Kinder Co-op Meeting, Luca announced that he was going to be a Mystery Man. He was no longer Luca. This is what we learned over the course of the afternoon and evening about our visitor.

His name was Steve. He rode a bouncy ball all the way here from Chicago. It popped though, so he couldn't get back there yet. In Chicago, there are a lot of trees w/coconuts and tall grass. He has 6 cats and 3 dogs. He has a younger sister, who has brown skin, like Elie, but her hair is white and not black. Steve is the oldest in his family. He has no brothers and is glad. He left Luca locked up in the bathroom there, but gave him food and water first so he would be ok.

Steve likes chow mein noodles and chop suey. He also likes burgers w/pickles on them and sprite to drink. He enjoys playing with legos too. He wanted to make sure we had some at our house, so he wouldn't get bored. He doesn't know the rules here, so we have to teach him how our home works. Everything could be different in Chicago. They have kangaroos that can bounce high too.

Steve refused to answer to Luca and had to be given a tour of the house so he would know where to sleep and where the bathroom is. He looked a lot like Luca and sounded like Luca. This may confuse his family in Chicago, if they find Luca. He went home the next morning and we had our Luca back!


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